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To provide the opportunity to all athletes of all abilities and interests to participate in recreational sports and arts.

 Everyone deserves the right to play!

Inclusive Coaching

Inclusive instruction recognizes the value of each student; the need for independence and self-determination and the right to choice. An athlete with a disability benefits from quality adaptive coaching techniques as much as any other athlete. Whether coaching competitive, recreational or specialized teams or individuals, modifying the approach to fit the athletes' needs and being aware of what those needs are, is a successful approach for ANY coach!

Fitness and sport activities are for everyone; the modifications applied depends on the ability level, previous experiences or exposures and physical limitations of each individual. Any recreational program is able to accommodate differentiated learners; but it is up to the coach to make a true difference and show the importance of inclusion. MoveAbility was founded on these principals and is dedicated to providing all coaches with the tools of inclusive coaching!

     Why should coaches be aware of intellectual and developmental disabilities?




   *Negative behavioural intentions towards peers decreases with more exposure and awareness while increasing their ability to receive empathy later in life.

   *The general public's responses to people with intellectual disabilities influence the likely success or failure of policies aimed at increasing their social inclusion

   *Out of 13 disabilities, Intellectual disabilities are rated lowest as likely friend, and least desirable for social interactions. Recreational activities give children with ID the opportunity to interact with peers outside of routine school settings. (Scior, 2011)


Want to learn more about Adaptive and Inclusive Recreational (AIR) Coaching and why it is so important to add to your own training regiment and resume? Join our amazing Volunteer Team and get hands-on experience in truly adapted classes for every ability! Or consult with a MoveAbility expert on how to incorporate inclusion into your own sports or arts programming!

Coming Soon: AIR Coaching Workshops for Summer Camps 2020!

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