MoveAbility was created to empower children with special needs to reach their full potential in sport and the Arts! MoveAbility focuses on the rehabilitation of physical and mental disabilities and promotion of emotional growth through our movement therapy programs such as gymnastics and dance! With the support of community services, volunteer healthcare professionals, and qualified mentors, we develop and deliver quality specialized programming and fun activity days for children with disabilities!



Physical activity plays an important role in facilitating learning, academic performance and social cues, increasing self-worth and independence or rehabilitating physical limitations. Whether behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical or multiple disabilities, we are here to motivate  and accommodate every child to have equal opportunities within sports and the Arts!


Being creative and adapting activities to different children's needs is what MoveAbility Kids does best! Whether that means better preparing our athletes during transition times with verbal or visual cues, or keeping short rotations of the same activity to avoid short attention spans, we can adapt sport and art programs to fit the needs of every child! Different stimulants produce positive behaviour responses, so we encourage children to try new activities and activate different muscle groups to try and find the right movement to benefit their unique personal goals.

MoveAbility works with each family to develop individual goals and we understand the value in consistent, quality programming to achieve this. Small class sizes and high ratios of qualified coaches gives children with disabilities the unique opportunity to participate in regular scheduled programming, while in a safe, inclusive and controlled environment. Many enroll in the program because they are interested in specific athletic skills or want to increase their physical fitness, but every child continues in the program because they are active and having fun doing something they love!

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